Napa Valley Personalized Healthcare accepts nearly all insurance. Our specially-trained staff will help you navigate your individual policy and assist you with any medical billing issues or obstacles you may face with your insurance provider.

Health insurance plays a major role in our healthcare today. Our goal is to assist you in navigating through the complicated issues of reimbursement and coverage to the best of our abilities. Following are some basic questions answered and some resources.

Commercial Insurance (PPOs)

We intend to remain an "in-network" provider for all major insurance plans. For those "in-network" plans that require a co-pay, we are required to collect it at the time of your visit. Regardless of your plan, we will continue to bill your insurance for all covered services. Office visit charges, with the exception of your annual wellness exam, are not included in your annual fee. It is our intention that no insurance-covered medical services are included in your annual fee. 

Even if we are not a provider on your insurance plan, we will attempt to refer you to "in-network" physicians for any necessary consultations and to "in-network" facilities for diagnostic tests and hospitalizations, if medically indicated. Any services rendered by these physicians or facilities will likely be covered according to in-network fees.

With the exception of the annual fee, everything will remain the same. We will continue to be a Participating Provider in the Medicare program. We will continue to bill Medicare on your behalf for Medicare-covered services. The annual fee only includes services that are not covered by Medicare and will not be billed to, paid for, or reimbursed by Medicare. 


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