Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who are NVPH Members?
Professionals and Parents who value their Time
Individuals interested in a Prevention-Focused
Outcome-Oriented Wellness Program
Patients with Chronic Illness who want a Proactive Vocal Advocate
Persons who value a Personal, Longterm Relationship with their Physician
Adult Children who want Exceptional Care for their Parents

2. What services are provided as a part of my annual fee?    
Health & wellness programs, special events and personally-tailored seminars.

3.  What is the mission of your practice?    
To provide the highest quality primary care, emphasizing a proactive, comprehensive approach to disease prevention and health management. We are your partner in achieving, maintaining and protecting your health.  

4. How will this practice be different? 
Most primary care practices are forced to limit the time needed to fully address all of your concerns. We offer more time with your personal physician for him to truly understand and anticipate your healthcare needs.

5.  Who will provide care for me when my personal physician is not available?    
For the infrequent times when your personal physician is unavailable, another Napa Valley Personalized Healthcare physician will cover. For practical reasons, we reserve the right to designate another qualified physician to perform services should the need arise.

6.  Do I still need health insurance if I enroll with you?    
Yes. Our medical practice does not take the place of general health insurance coverage. You are advised to continue your HSA, PPO, Medicare or other insurance program.

7.  Will you still be on staff at a local hospital?    
Yes, we are each on the active staff of Queen of the Valley Medical Center. If you should need to be hospitalized, we will function as your admitting physicians and will have primary responsibility for your hospital care and act as your advocate.

8.  Will my insurance still be billed for my office visits?    
Yes. We will bill your insurance company directly for office visits. If your insurance carrier/plan requires a co-pay, we will collect it at the time of service.  Office visit charges, with the exception of your Annual Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation, are not included in your annual fee.

9.  Will you still be a Participating Provider for Medicare?    
Yes. We will bill Medicare as well as your supplemental insurer on your behalf.

10.  Do you bill Medicare for the annual membership fee?    
No. The annual fee only includes services that are not covered by Medicare (or any other insurance plan), and as such, cannot be paid for or reimbursed by Medicare. We will bill Medicare for your sick visits and for any additional services performed at our practice that are covered by Medicare.

11.  Will my private insurance reimburse my annual membership fee?    
No. Some Flexible Spending Account and Health Savings Account plans may pay for all or part of the annual fee. Members are advised to consult Human Resources at their place of employment or their FSA or HSA plan managers.

12.  Is the annual fee tax deductible?    
The fee is a medical expense and may be deductible. Patients are advised to consult with their tax consultant to clarify qualification in their particular circumstance.

13.  What about lab, x-ray, specialists fees and hospitalization?    
Your annual fee pays for membership in our practice, and for many other amenities listed in the
section. All procedures and services not performed in my office will be billed by the performing entity.

14.  Does the Annual Evaluation include a well-woman exam?    
No. We can do screening pap smears and handle your routine gynecologic care at another visit or coordinate care with your gynecologist.

15.  What if I have an emergency?    
If you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. After you call 911, please call your personal physician.  We will assist in the coordination of your emergency care thereafter. Patients are asked to contact their personal physician before going to any urgent care facility at any time of the day or night. We will attempt to address urgent after-hours problems directly. 


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