At Napa Valley Personalized Healthcare, our concierge-style practice offers the "most individualized" approach to primary care and is unmatched in the Napa Valley. Benefits include:

• Same or Next Day Appointments: By limiting our practice size to approximately 20% of the average primary care practice, we have time for you. 

• 24/7 Personal Physician Availability: Unprecedented access to your physician including weekends and holidays via his personal cell phone and secure email. During office hours, our professional staff will ensure you receive immediate assistance. If you are unable to come to the office, a house call may be offered.

• No wait, On-time Office Visits & Unhurried Consultation: We understand that your time is valuable, and promise no extended waiting periods. Appointments last as long as you need to fully discuss your wellness with your NVPH physician.

• Integrated Fitness Program & Special Events: Get active, stay active. NVPH members enjoy monthly "Walk with Your Doctor" outings, hands-on fitness seminars with local experts and special whole body wellness events. 

• Electronic Medical History: After your annual exam, you will be provided secure online access to your personal health summary that contains medical information vital to specialists or emergency staff.

• Dedicated Professional Staff: Our staff has the expertise and experience to advocate on your behalf, and will continue to assist you in navigating through other aspects of the medical community when necessary.

• Travel Medicine Services: Extended travel requires special medical consideration. Our expertise in travel medicine will minimize risks for you. Immunizations, medication and overseas medical assistance will be coordinated as necessary.

• Hospitalization: If you are hospitalized, we will be your advocate in securing the highest level of patient service. Your doctor will personally follow you throughout your hospitalization at Queen of the Valley Medical Center.

• Visiting Family/Friends: Should your visiting friends or family become ill during a stay in Napa, we will be readily available to assist with their treatment.


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